Privacy Policy

Information about privacy policy and cookies

This policy applies to all visits to the website owned by Marquis Commerce DOO. If you proceed with visiting this site, it shall be considered that you agree to our use of cookies and our Privacy Policy.

The aim of this policy is to inform visitors about the nature, function and use of cookies. As well as, this policy inform the website visitor about the use of a data from the particular web site visit.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files installed on the hard disk of an internet user’s computer when he or she visits a website.

They are randomly allocated alphanumeric characters identifying a visitor so that the website manager can see whether that visitor has already browsed the website, and track the frequency of those visits and the visitor’s preferences. Cookies can also keep you connected, remember your preferences and provide you with relevant local information.

Cookies do not introduce viruses. Once allocated, they do not search the internet user’s equipment for personal information.

How are cookies used?

This website uses three categories of cookies for purposes explained in this policy. To ensure visitors to our website are fully informed, we include information about the third party cookies of which we are aware.

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary (like session identifiers) for the smooth and secure browsing of the Websites and the use of their main functionalities.

On the first connection, a banner is displayed inviting the visitor to accept or reject cookies. If he or she accepts, the visitor can browse the Websites in accordance with the conditions of use.

Analytics/performance cookies

These cookies show the use of the website and allow its performance, traffic and audience to be measured and statistics to be compiled, and in particular allow the use of content to be measured so that the pages can be improved both ergonomically and in terms of content.

The lifetime of these cookies is two years.

The example of these cookies: Google Analytics.

Shared or third party cookies

These third party cookies allow the visitor to share content from our website with others, or to express an opinion about of the website or the particular content. These cookies may also contain links for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other comparable social networks.

Cookies installed by Marquis Intelligence partners come from such companies as Google services (Maps, Analytics, Tag Manager, reCaptcha), and other services which enhance the usability of the website.

Information about privacy policy

This privacy policy shall regulate the manner collects, uses and protects all information you have provided. is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Any information received from you, that may be used for your identification, shall be used in line with this Privacy Policy. may amend this Privacy Policy when necessary. You shall be obligated to review this Privacy Policy periodically in order to assure consent to all possible amendments. In case you do not agree with the Privacy Policy or amendments thereof, we kindly ask you not to visit this site.

What information do we collect?

When sending inquiries to you shall be asked to enter your name and valid e-mail address and phone number. Your e-mail address shall be available only to the administrator of, as well as to the owners of the, and it shall not be visible to other users or visitors of this website.

What do we do with the information you are obliged to send to us?

Submitting valid e-mail address, phone and name to is required for enabling us to respond to your question. If you give the consent for us to send you additional information from time to time, After we have completed responding, your e-mail and phone number address will be erased from our web hosting server.


We are dedicated to securing the information you submit to our website, namely, your e-mail, phone number and name, in the sense of disabling unauthorized access to e-mail addresses or names for abuse.

What do we do with the information we collect?

Additionally, we shall collect all and any of the following information from your computer:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Geo-location
  • Web browser type and version
  • Operating system
  • Length of the visit, page history and any other similar activities related to our site visit.

This information shall be used only for statistical purposes related to the visit of our site and shall be available only to the administrator and owner of, and such information shall not be visible to other users or visitors of this website.

How do we use cookies and IP addresses? shall use textual files called the cookies in order to save information on your web browser. Information may include identification sessions, HTTP information as well as IP addresses.

You may set your web browser not to receive cookies, but this may limit the quality of experience when visiting our website.

IP addresses of computers used to visit shall be kept in the Google Analytics data base. This includes the renewal of any activity resulting in transferring data from your computer to the web site and vice versa.

Your IP address is not visible to the public at any moment.

Links to other websites may contain links to other external sites (for example,, etc.). has no control over external websites, so clicking on any link that may result in visiting other websites terminates the effectiveness of this Privacy Policy and we shall not be responsible for the protection of privacy of any information submitted when visiting such sites.

Control of personal information shall not sell, distribute or issue your personal data to third parties.